As i mentioned in my previous post im a very
visual person so when i am doing
my work & creating i have certain
methods and things that i do to
keep me motivated and focused.

Step by Step.
ONE/ a notebook. Personally i need a notebook
which is nice to look at, don’t ask why, but for
me it works. I don’t mind paying a little
extra for one that will motivate me.
My go to shops for these are Urban
Outfitters, Skinny Dip & Paperchase.

TWO/ social networking.
I find motivation online a lot of the time. if
I’m struggling and developing a creative block
i use sites such as Pinterest and Instagram to find
imagery and creativity to inspire me.

THREE/ remembering why am i doing it.
its important to remind yourself why
you are doing what your doing. usually it is to
reach goals. I set myself realistic goals to achieve at
first and to keep my motivation levels up, then I will be
inspired to reach for my long term life goals, which may
be a little out there.


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