Female Influencers

For my first post I am going to write about what inspired me to create this blog and basically sum up my motivations.
My blog is heavily inspired by women who i follow on social media who have created a successful brand, image& empire, some might say.
I love strong women with an amazing work ethic and creativity. A few women who I follow who inspire me are Tayla Blue, Imogen Hudson, Lissy Roddy, Holly Boon, Mika Francis to name a few.
Why do they inspire and motivate me ?
I am a very visually pleased person, if that’s a thing…? What I’m trying to say is I find my motivation by looking at imagery and seeing how other people create. By looking at successful women and seeing what they have achieved, it gives me the get up and go approach I need to get where I want to be in my life and achieve my current goals.
Some people may find it weird that I find happiness in other peoples success but I think personally its a great trait, it pushes me more to get to where I want, I sort of thrive off it? it makes me hungry for it more. You’re probably wondering what it is I’m working for, honestly its just finally feeling like I am my greatest self and being somewhere I love.